Microfibre Glass Mop – 30cm


The Streamline® Glass Mop is specifically for use on larger glass and mirror areas, and may also be used to clean tiled walls.

  • High absorption capacity;
  • Does not leave fluff or dust;
  • No wipe marks when used slightly damp.
  • Rewashable at least 350 times

The glass cloth material of the mop effortlessly removes dirt, like fingerprints and grease deposits. This is due to the special structure of the GlassMop. Used slightly damp, the little remaining water is finely spread and dries fast and invisibly. The result is a clean surface without wipe marks.

The GlassMop consists of 100% microfibre. Depending upon the dampness of the GlassMop, the mop will encounter more or less friction.

The loop at the side ensures that the dirty surface does not have to be touched while changing mops. This changing is quick and simple because the backing of the GlassMop is made of Velcro.

“We recommend using washing powder/fluid suitable for 60°C. In order to protect the evironment we recommend washing at 60°C and at maximum temperatures only when it is necesarry”.


 Dimensions 30 cm (28/32 x 12)
 Composition 100% microfibre
 Weight ± 55 grams (30cm)
 Filling 2mm foam + 2x microfibre cloth and 1x non-woven cloth


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