Microfibre Multi Mop – 30cm


With good reason the Streamline® Multi Mop is called ‘multi’: this multi-functional mop can tackle every smooth surface!

  • Large cleaning capacity
  • Foam material in the mop prevents drying too quickly
  • Fast and easy changing of the mop due to Velcro
  • Loop for changing of the mop
  • Efficient use due to colour coding
  • Rewashable at least 350 times

The MultiMop is an enormous aid for the cleaning of doors, (tiled) walls and even for lacquered tables or melamine. Of course the MultiMop also tackles bathrooms and hard surfaces, like glazed floor tiles. Because this mop contains a high percentage of microfibre, it provides an extra-large cleaning capacity. However, on some surfaces, due to friction, the mop may be somewhat heavy to use.

The loop at the side of the mop ensures that you don’t have to touch the dirty surface when changing the mop. Changing is fast and easy because the backing of the MultiMop is made of Velcro. The colour coding ensures efficient and hygienic application.

“We recommend using washing powder/fluid suitable for 60°C. In order to protect the evironment we recommend washing at 60°C and at maximum temperatures only when it is necesarry”.


 Colour Pink/green stripes (with coloured labels)
 Dimensions 30 cm (28/32 x 12)
 Compostion 80% microfibre, 20% polyester, velcro backing
 Weight ± 55 grams (30 cm)
 Filling 5mm foam + 2x microfibre cloth + 1x non-woven cloth


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