Microfibre Scrub Mop – 30cm


Scrubbing and washing floors simultaneously: the Streamline® Scrub Mop contains a combination of twisted microfibre and polyester material with strips of blue, hardened polypropylene for a scrubbing effect. The blue polypropylene ensures a scrubbing effect on hard, not easily scratched floors and walls, such as tiles and melamine. The interwoven microfibre and polyester material absorbs the dirt. The ScrubMop provides a more intensive cleaning: contamination and caked dirt will be removed efficiently.

  • Fast cleaning of non-scratch floor areas
  • No spreading of dirt
  • Fast and easy change because of Velcro
  • Loop for removal of the mop
  • Efficient use because of colour coding
  • Rewashable at least 350 times

The loop at the side ensures that the dirty surface does not have to be touched while changing mops. This changing is quick and simple because the backing of the ScrubMop is made of Velcro. Colour-coded mops guarantee an efficient and hygienic use.

“We recommend using washing powder/fluid suitable for 60°C. In order to protect the evironment we recommend washing at 60°C and at maximum temperatures only when it is necesarry”.


 Colour Green with blue ‘scrubbing strips’ (with coloured labels)
 Dimensions 30 cm (28/32 x 13)
 Composition 60% microfibre and 40% polypropylene (blue strips)
 Weight ± 85 grams (30 cm)
 Filling 2x microfibre cloth and 1x non-woven cloth


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