MOBI® MIDGET 12V ličio jonų baterija maitinama RO sistema

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MOBI® MIDGET® 12V ličio jonų baterijomis maitinamas atvirkštinio osmoso ir DI filtravimo vežimėlis skirtas greitam švariam vandeniui kieto vandens vietose.

  • 5 valandų įkrovimo laikas, 10 valandų veikimo laikas
  • Įtaisytas USB prievadas, kad galėtumėte įkrauti savo mobilųjį įrenginį išvykdami
  • 10 kg lengvesnis nei ankstesnio dizaino MOBI® Midget vežimėlis
  • CLK Bayonet tipo filtrai – greitam filtrų keitimui be rūpesčių!


MOBI® MIDGET 12V Lithium Ion Battery Powered RO System

Product Code: FP-TR1200L-02-UK

The fantastic mobile system filtering the tap-water on-site on-demand. With the access to the water connection only, the 12v battery powered RODI trolley system is able to produce a high flow of perfect 000ppm water quality. MOBI® MIDGET RODI trolley system is a 4-stage filtration process, that combines 3 x different technologies of purification:

Carbon Block pre-filter, the Reverse Osmosis membrane, and finally the polishing DI filter. The result of the 3 x different filtration processes is pure water quality at 000ppm.

Using the MOBI® MIDGET RODI trolley system combined with a STREAMLINE® telescopic pole, you are working a lot faster, safer and easier than the traditional window cleaner.

The trolley system can also be placed on top of high rise buildings, to support the rope access cleaners. With the 3 x different filters, the MOBI® MIDGET RODI trolley is very economical to maintain.


  • Pre-filtration and final polishing all on board to ensure spot-free cleaning
  • Pressure gauge monitors the pressure in membrane housing
  • Stainless Hozelock-type couplings for long life
  • 12v Lithium Ion Battery supplied with built-in charging socket – 240v Battery Charger
  • Handheld TDS metre for accurate water checks
  • Compact frame ensuring the unit can be used in either vertical or horizontal positions
  • Solid tyres for outdoor use
  • 5 hour charge/10 hour run time


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