RODI filtravimo vežimėlių sistemos

  • MOBI® elektrinė RO sistema 3000GPD – nerūdijantis rėmas – su Euro (CEE7/7) kištuku

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    The MOBI® MAXI Double RODI filtration system is an excellent portable solution for window cleaning, solar panel cleaning, boat washing, and many other outside hard surface cleaning applications that demand a large volume of pure 000ppm water.

    Providing that there is access to both mains water and power supply (230V), the MOBI® MAXI filtration systems will produce enough water flow and pressure for 2x operators to clean up to 25mtr (80ft) simultaneously. Operators can make use of the MOBI® MAXI trolley system in courtyards, around schools, shopping centres, and general areas where a van or trailer system cannot access. The trolley systems can also be mounted on rooftops for abseiling or suspended platform-based cleaning, with the use of a short lightweight carbon fibre OVA8® pole.