300GPD Filterplus® Direct Flow RO sistema

362,20  su PVM

Pridėta prie MOBI™ Carry ir MOBI™ Roll, dabar MOBI™ Blue 10″ ir MOBI™ Blue 20″

Šie filtrai, užpildyti demineralizuojančia derva, duoda akimirksniu nuvalyti be dėmių ir tiekti gryną vandenį ten, kur jo reikia.


Filterplus® MOBI ™ Blue 20″

  • MOBI™ Big Blue 20″ unit contains up to 4,500ml of MB111 demineralising resin. This will produce approximately 1,200 litres of pure water at a given hardness of 100ppm.
  • Versatile metal filter bracket allows the unit to be carried to point of use and left free-standing (vertical or horizontal), or the unit can be permanenantly wall-mounted or van-mounted.
  • Comes complete with ‘male’ hoselock-type fittings, ‘in’ and ‘out’ of vessel, making hose connections easy.
Replacement cartridges allow quick and easy filter changes…simply unscrew, lift out and replace. The cartridges are refillable too, so you can refill your own if you wish.

Available in 10″ and 20″ filter sizes.


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